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 I am a certified apprentice Guide, Healer and Wiccan Priestess in the lineage of King Salomon with The Modern Mystery School in New York City. The tools and modalities handed down through this lineage have enhanced my life beyond imagination. I have seen time and time again the activations, healing sessions and initiations truly transform lives, including my own. There are many ways, shapes and forms our lives can take and each possibility is a step closer to knowing who we truly are. I have a great passion to help people heal and find what fulfills their soul. My mission is to bring love, healing, joy and empowerment into the heart and create peace in all. I look forward to working with you on the beautiful project of your life creation..for you, by you.


What is Lineage and The Modern Mystery School?

Lineage is defined as “lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree”. The Lineage of King Soloman, aging back to ancient times, was opened to the public by founder Gudni in the1990’s and is now known as The Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School spans across the world with a global tribe committed to creating a better world full of empowerment and light. Founder Hierophant Gudni GED Gudnason along with Ipssimus Dave Thor Lanyon and Ipssimus Hideto REI Nakagome carry the roles of lineage holders at this time. The council of twelve, composed of woman from around the world, lead in the operations and the growth of Modern Mystery School.

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