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Empower Thyself and Initiation

Initiation is to receive something, a beginning or an end, a true transformation. The dictionary defines it as; ceremonies, ordeals,  rites, or instructions with which is made a member. 

In our case  you are being initiated into the Lineage of King Solomon


Why be initiated?

Bring greater knowledge and spiritual connection

Heightens and strengthens energy

Taking your next step in life

Tools to call upon powers at all times

Declaration you are ready to serve in higher capacity

Tools to Know Thyself better 

Greater protection in day to day life

Become a part of a clear path if you choose to walk it

Protection and wisdom of the lineage of King Solomon

Closer to your blueprint and understanding your mission

Individual understanding while being apart of something greater




The Empower thyself class is a two day handing down of hidden ancient knowledge and tools which concludes in a physical Initiation. 

Please contact me for further information and a consultation

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