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I am a trained doula through Carriage House Birth in New York City. My doula services go hand in hand with my healing practice. I will be working with you as an individual or as couple through your pregnancy and birth to create an environment that brings you to your ultimate place of empowerment and peace. There is no wrong or right way to birth, just the way you birth. I would love to support you in that process. Contact me for a consultation and further information.

Testimonial from Chelsea D.

"Jacqui was there for us when we needed her. She was also there for us when we didn’t know we needed her. Jacqui was my rock before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. The resource and support she provided both me and dad before the birth were exactly what we needed so we were ready the time came. She was quick to arrive once my water broke and she never left my side for the following 36 hours unless I asked her to. The pure supportive energy she had at the beginning of the journey was just as strong at the end. It was like she read my mind at times. I’d be wanting to move a certain way or didn’t like something, and she was already in motion to change it. Jacqui was constantly reminding me that I was the only one who mattered. She empowered me and guided me through some tough decisions as we moved from a home birth to hospital birth. Jacqui really helped me to feel like a divine being as I brought my daughter into this world and I would not have asked for anything different."

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